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Upcoming Events



Come one, come all to the greatest House Party this century. We will have the hottest DJ's!!



Of Course we are going to have a Trance Party to go along with the House Party!! So every one get your glow sticks ready!!



It's everyone's favorite time, it's Karaoke Time!
Come on in and let's all have a good time, you know you cant wait for it!

Club ...

Welcome to club ..., we have had the best night club in the area since night clubs became popular! That is right, we have total confidence in saying that we throw the best parties in town and guess what? You are invited!!

So what are you waiting for? Come down tonight and have yourself a great time with all of your friends and family here at Club Spin. We have been waiting all night for you to get here and the door's are not closing until you do.

Remember that every Thursday is Ladies night, so all females get in free and your first three drinks are on the house, and who could possible forget all the other great specials that we offer through out the rest of the week. Regulars already know what they are and if you don't, then you should come and find out!!!

Personal DJ

We have a live DJ every night of the week, so no matter what kind of music you are feeling you can always let them know and they will get your request played!

VIP Area

We have the most exclusive VIP area available. The service is so great that by the end of the night you will forget that you are not a celebrity or some one famous!

Contact Us

For your own website please contact Tony Charlton at Wickford Web.

t. 00112233 445566